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Recently prepared zombie game where the characters are quite popular. Add a new war against the zombies in the game we are giving . Now , the battle , the zombies are starting to move towards the house . You play against the zombies in the first place are trying to destroy them by throwing stones . When you destroy the zombies every 25 points you earn . If you manage to destroy all the enemies , you will advance to the next level . But before moving on to the next level by using the points you earn you can buy equipment yourself . After the equipment that you have , may be more successful in the battle that takes place and the zombies can not reach their goal before . Action and adventure undiminished with a game that we are here . Zombudoy order to start the game for a while do you expect to complete the installation . After the game has finished loading you find yourself directly on the home screen . From the options on the Home screen by pressing play now and then from the menu 1 section you choose. After you have made this process you find yourself in the game screen . Zombies in the game are trying to destroy them by throwing stones . You can use the mouse to throw stones . 1,2,3,4,5 keys to change weapons in your hands if you can get help from .
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