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Zombie Trapper

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ZombieTrapper you briefly explain the story in the game . The devil to get revenge on the people on earth to have awakened and sends his army of zombies . The aim is to destroy the peoples energy source stations . However, this situation can not remain indifferent in the face of state intervention hero, a sheriff is committed to not letting the zombies . Sheriff must support the fight against the zombies will . You can improve your weapons will have to take even more spectacular weapons . However, with the weapons of coins won is possible to increase your attributes . Will provide a powerful new weapons to destroy the zombies alacađýnzý the money you earn . Because portions of zombies you will encounter increasingly more powerful and a little difficult for your guns to kill them . Using the arrow keys you can control in the game . Using the Z key can shoot zombies and zombie traps using the number keys you want to purchase the citys place . Thus, all of them with ease and prevent zombies do not give power plants can harm .
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