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Taras Fashion Boutique

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Businesses in the hosting of the games category , a brand new game with you . Our new boutique game you're running . After the start of the game against an empty shop will be on . At this point the side of the chassis shop owner will encounter . Then press OK button You start the game . After this second boutique customers are starting to flock to . Boutique owners to control what you should do and you will be dealing with the customers . To learn the requirements of the clients are watching the bubbles in their heads . Bubbles are showing you the photos within the customer's requests . In addition to the arrow is going to help you with this . So our game will be much difficulty . Girls boutique business which will attract the attention of players to start the game are you waiting for a while for the game to be installed . After completion of the installation of the game you find yourself at the login screen . Of the options on the Home screen, press the play button would start the game . In the game , check whether business owners are interested in customers to your store . When dealing with customers and performing other operations can provide the control with the mouse .
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