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The pretty fireball falls in love with the snowgirl. It wants to go on ways and meet her. And you are helping it bout this issue. With the beginning of the game, you will meet the fire ball on the turning pulley. At this point you are trying to control the fire ball and ensure it to jump over turning pulleys successfully. If you make the jumpinh just on the correct time, you can reach your goal easily and be able to complete the section. If you want to have high points while you are completing the section, you must collect fires on your way. You are getting points according to fires you collect in the section. And your point will be related to time you finish the section. In this jumpinh fire game which you have all controls with mouse, you will have a lot of fun. And you can find the similar ones of this game by visiting skill games category. Wait for s short time to enter the jumping fire ball game. After the loading process is completed, skip intro. Then click play icon and start the game by clicking \'\'Green House\'\' writing bubble.You are trying to control the fire ball falls in love and ensure it to jump over circle pulleys in the game.
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