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Paintball Racers

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Paintball vehicles are in a very big race. Do you want to take place in this race too? If your answer to our question is yes, you must start the game without loosing anytime. You will control the vehicle given you, after the game is started and try to pass your rivals. You must use spacebar key cleverly and through paintball balls to pass your rivals. And you can ensure your rival to stay in back by damaging him. And you are completing the game by arriving the end line. After you complete the race as the winner, You will get some points and money. And also there is a market part in the game. You can go to market and can buy some improvements for the ehicle you use. Or you can buy some new vehicles instead of making improvements. You must wait for a short time to enter the Painball Racers game. After the loading process is completed, you are finding yourself on home page of game directly. You are choosing start and new game buttons. You must start the game by choosing first level. You are controlling your car by using w,a,s and d keys in the game. You can throw paintball balls to your rival by using spacebar key. And you can realise other functions by using Z and keys on your keyboard.
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