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Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery

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The surgical attention recently managed to see the game different is going to come before us in different types. We\'ve added a new game in surgery stands out as one of them. New surgery patients in the game you will have a beautiful daughter named Lisa. Beautiful girl suffering from scoliosis, in this decade led to poor posture and therefore her a lot of pain. It provides immediate relief from the disease of scoliosis by surgery. In the first game would start pulling the girl\'s x-rays. X-ray room after entering the specialist doctor tells you to do individually. You applying those described are trying to treat your patients. Processes at all stages of the game takes place in this way. We believe that you will spend a pleasant stay in the game all the controls with the mouse is provided. our game a while to realize your input do you expect to complete the installation. After completing the installation the game play is written at the bottom of the options popup menu. Had surgery later in the game would start pressing the button. Experts in the game by repeating what the doctor says you treat your patients.
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