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Happy Wheels

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So far, you have never seen the latest fashion latest design theme of the last meeting. Tired of playing other games designed for non-stop this hurt our game now you have something very special. Although the action create the unusual bird said. Our game engine with all the other games in this action challenges the high way. Categories, ranking first selected game. I will not keep you any longer. Prepared for you explain this feature. You can choose the man you want. Set both your own theme. Immediately tell your man say their are differend briefly as follows (grandfather chair, bicycle man, two-wheeled bike guy) select and play your request to them. Play for hours in this game you can choose your own theme, we said the other feature. Tell her too briefly as follows; Level editor, you can click on. color you want. or colorless. or handicapped. Want unobstructed. something that is entirely up to you. Start from level to set the theme of the game after finishing the test you can enjoy. After starting our game, select the game you want to go man. The up arrow key to accelerate guy. Provides the balance of the side with the arrow keys. You can brake with the down arrow key. Accomplish the heavens write your name you show your strength. Good games. Tank Trouble
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