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Gracies Fruteria

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Businesses in the hosting of the games category , a brand new game with you . After the start of our game do you find yourself in the grocery store . At this point, taking orders from customers and from the grocery store are preparing . After preparing orders for customers with fresh fruit delivered quickly whether you can make money . If you ensure that you leave happy from the client's business , maybe you can not even get a tip . Thanks to a tip and buy fruits that are gaining a lot of money . With the money you earn you can buy items that will complement your . With these items you have received increasing number of customers are doing more sales . Our game to prepare customers' orders and perform all other processes are using the mouse . Taking pleasure in the games you play the game for a while to be able to access the installation can expect . Game loading process will be rather short . Downloads will understand that the process takes place and you will find yourself at the login screen at a time . From the Home screen , press the play button would start the game . We have given you in the game by exploiting the greengrocer are preparing customers' orders . If you want to leave the grocery and happy customers , you need to prepare your orders very quickly . Controls with the mouse that provides
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