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Funbrain Sudoku

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What is Sudoku ? Today's most famous japanese japanese sudoku game with "Numbers must be one " means . Sudoku game today to develop thinking and reasoning capabilities that provide the maximum benefit is known as a game of intelligence . So far east of children in school are offered the opportunity to play sudoku . How to Play Sudoku ? SudoKu game 9 cells comprising 9 frames in the plane of the three dimensions might call numbers from 1 to 9 must be used only once, must be lined with . In Sudoku 1 through 9 in each row and column numbers that must be sequenced using only once . Also in Sudoku 9 cells in each frame consisting of the numbers 1 to 9 must be sequenced using a time . Sudoku Game Rules Simple to play Sudoku as you need to pay attention to three rules . The numbers 1 through 9 in each column , each row , and each must enter into the square without repeating . Why Sudoku Game ? Sudoku logic of the game is to develop our ability to think in 3D . Each one solution of sudoku game that is almost impossible to solve by estimating . So starting from the numbers given to you which number to each cell must find the future . Sometimes more than one solution of the Sudoku game is claimed to be more than one solution , but only the number of sudoku game , which creates confusion . Real Sudoku game should be only one solution . Real sudoku game must be considered when preparing it . How to solve Sudoku ? In the game of Sudoku strategy has basically two solutions . The first of Sudoku solution in which cells of which may be the number , the latter of which count in the box which can be no . In this way the number given to you based on the sudoku game in which cells of which the number of numbers which could be, and can not be solved on the basis of logic . To solve sudoku sudoku solutions always in line while you go easyer . Instead of using complex numbers so as to sequentially use solutions easier.
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