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Dynasty Street

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Relatives who live in a particular area of the game mafia organization by setting up a collection among themselves have begun to cut tribute to the innocent people . Faced with this situation , which is quite annoyed with the garbage man alone has decided to fight against them . For this reason, many gang members in front of the start and the adventure along well with each other , and will be the ones who will be alone most of the time . Fight against ten people at a time and do what you need it to struggle for survival among. If you want him to fulfill it s mission , it is quite easy to say that the control must be included in the adventure . Using the arrow keys you can control the garbage man . Z key to throw punches , kicks, use the X button . Taking place weapons in space key to use when necessary . A challenging adventure awaits you . Combo Fights should be prepared to start the game, lets say more .
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