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children running around , check whether the partition you are trying to reach the end . It is quite simple to do in the first place we will be . So the first stage will be completed easily . In the following chapters of the first stage it is not possible to achieve . In this section of the smartest moves you think and you must apply on the course . However, to reach the end of the section would complete the section . The first stage of the game is to play in the training of intent to enter into the tutorial section . You need to do is enter each of the tutorial section showing you . So at this stage of the game we suggest you start first . Our game with the arrow keys to control your character can provide . Spacebar to jump ensure that your character can get help from . To start the game, do you expect the installation of the game for a while . After the game finishes loading at the bottom of the home screen you can press the play button . Then the game will be in front of the promotional images . Skip to late presentation in the left part you can press the button . Strong later in the game are starting to click on Tutorial article . Catching control your character in the game whether you are trying to reach the end point . Runners in children s games , children can use arrow keys to ensure control of . Children in the space key bounce ensure you receive help from .
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