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Curls And Cuts

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Young girl hairdresser has led to a busy area . Hairdresser, attracted the attention of many people and has led to an influx . After a certain day , the girl began to catch up to the customers . At this point, your task is activated . With the start of the game , will appear at the door customers . You will get customers and within the bubbles in their heads , sat in the chair you will need . Then you will come across is a different screen . From this screen you can give new shape to her hair or her hair you can maintain . Preferred because it is totally meets the needs of customers must be careful. When dealing with customers , while at the top left of the Notice . If you do not meet the customer's request within this period , the game will fail . So girls meet the requirements , except you forget that you need to be fast . In order to start the game , you must wait a while to load the game . After the game has finished loading , you will find yourself at the login screen . From the Home screen , click on Play and should start the game . Games hairdresser checking in and can meet the customers needs . In this way, gaining coins and magnifying the salon you can . Super curls in the game , you can perform all the controls using the mouse .
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