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Crazy Golf-Ish

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Looking for a fun game you can play with your friends ? If yes, the right place. The game you are looking for a different game pleasure to meet and experience. Be the first one player or two player game, choose one of the options in the start . After you select the option you want to start the game . Showing point in the game you are trying to deliver the aquarium fish and throws at the end of the section . In doing so , has the right to launch the first place 3 . Rights within the aquarium fish will jump to the level you manage to reach . Will pass situated at a more challenging level aquarium . This will lead to the tightening of the game . To be able to login to the game you play with your friends in a pleasant way to wait for a while loading the game . After installing the game Play button at the bottom of the screen . Then, from the home screen , and then play -click option to specify the number of the person you want to play the game parts . With these procedures will make the game . Aquarium fish that comes in and throws in the game trying to deliver . In doing so , all the golf rules apply.
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