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Crazy Golf Cart 2

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People like the first game of the series , and not by children , particularly after a full car game crazy golf , adventure series 2 game resumed . As in the first game of the series , our game takes place in five different vehicles . However, the first section, you can select only one of them . Crazy golf cart 2 game , after determining your vehicle to start. You start the game , despite the challenging road conditions will try to reach the end point of the flag . It will be very difficult to achieve . Because the bumpy road conditions , will force you too hayliyle . Bumpy roads on your way to be able to be successful and provide a very good balance of your vehicle . To accomplish this, use the left and right arrow keys . Up Arrow key to accelerate the vehicle , with the bottom of the slow down arrow key . To activate nitro shift, you can use the space to ensure that the vehicle bounce . Beloved and coveted first game of the series can be found here. After installing the game , click on contunie . Following these procedures will encounter in your login screen . From the Home screen , and then click icon new button to press forward . Then write your name in the box that comes up and click on the option to create . Finally, click icon to reassert 1 Select the chapter , you should start the game . To provide control of his car in the game of golf w, a , s, d , or use the arrow keys . Bounce the vehicle to ensure that the space key , use the shift key in order to activate nitro .
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