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Bola: Pes 2014

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Pes 2014 gave the name of this football game matches you can create your own team name and logo. Start off your team colors for the first set, the colors, the logo is to implement it. After completing transactions with Logo Set a name for your team. Everything is OK now it is ready to give name for 2014! Done with the first match in London. If you beat the game can proceed by different takýmlarlada match. Some teams zorlasada you do not give up. When you first start the game, you need to determine first and foremost a team. You can not specify interfere with the teams players. Only the name you are editing, and then presented as ready logo and team start the game with the first opponent. After a while, the second circuit, playing the first half ends. If the transferor is a successful match with the other opponent in the second do next. Arrow Keys Man Change : Space Shot- Response slide : A Rust : S December rust : Z long Passes : X
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