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Bettys Pets Clinic

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Businesses Do you like games ? If yes, we are here with a game for you . Betty loves to deal with animals , he has decided to open an animal hospital . After opening the hospital , people have flocked and began to bring their pets . Betty was very happy with this situation . But after a while , began to worry when yetiţemeyin to customers . You must help a beautiful girl and they bring people , animals must provide to deal with . In the first place it would be quite simple to perform . Because you need to do , the game will show you and you will move in this direction . After the first stage, the screen, all you'll do it yourself process . At this point, challenging and will spend minutes, to be able to treat the animals you will do your best . Which material , to know what works is very important at this point . After the game has finished loading , I can not click a button and you will find yourself at the login screen . '' Start'' button from the home screen and you must start the game . After the game starts , your face will come from the animal hospital . At this point Betty checking and hospitals are trying to improve the animal . For this purpose, located within the hospital's materials you can use .
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