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3D Skateboarding 2

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This is very different from other games of skateboarding \"3D Skateboarding 2\" game, going through the streets and alleys completely. Visually, the highly successful \"3D Skateboarding 2\" When you play the game, your foot skateboards, go on a nice street. Just fun with accelerated start skateboarding. Jump over cars, people multiply. Show only the tracks with my board stops you make in the game, with new enhancements to improve and to strengthen kaykaycınızı trying to collect maximum points. So the game is becoming more fun and gameplay are increasing the amount of time this way. Clothing and skateboarding in the have the option of options Skateboarding game 3D Skateboarding 2 tasks are specific tasks under the heading recovered. By doing these tasks faster progress in the game, and can make the game even more fun. After a time, the game has no chance to stop skateboard. Only you can slow down. By multiplying the damage if you are not careful, you can see to the left to the right. Hint: I went to the left at the beginning of the game the two road junction I slipped from the top of the stairs banister - He left four cube (doubles points) received and when I landed that I was about 700,000, making it - After the cars come out on top (again, I gathered as much as possible the cube) score for the day was around 90,000 - Then, as the street where the constant jumping on benches slipped slowly and has a total of 100,000 points or something - It\'s the end of the road there is bi railing and I got 75,000 points involvement there came up two cube - The top of the best cars that do not get points atlayamadım - Jump to the end without stopping escalators still got 75,000 points around - If you do these things you will get good grades.
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